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About our ESG Advisory Services
Helping both corporations and investors build a more sustainable future
Sustainable Energy

Sustainability is built on transparency, credibility and consistency in approach.

Enzo Advisors takes a customized approach in assisting both companies across all stages in their life cycles as well as public and private investors with the development, structuring, implementation, management and communication of their ESG programs.  

Irrespective of where you are in your journey, what your budget and timeline is, we have the proprietary tools and frameworks, technology and the in-house specialized expertise to guide you in providing best-in-class reporting frameworks within months.

Our tools and expertise will make sure you achieve those goals and have the initial building blocks to lay out the infrastructure for the long-term.


We are the only ESG advisor where the founder had a decade of investing experience and spearheaded ESG integration across investment processes as a portfolio manager.

Overview of Our ESG Advisory Services: Corporations


Diagnostic Assessment and Benchmarking

  • Use our proprietary diagnostic tool to conduct a thorough review of a company's business model for material risks and opportunities from an investor's lens

  • Identify opportunities to improve KPIs relative via a benchmarking / gap analysis and define how best to bridge these gaps with relevant disclosure metrics

  • Address areas of misinformation with external rating agencies and investor base, as relevant 


ESG Roadmap

  • Conduct a materiality matrix assessment to evaluate a company's strategic priorities 

  • Develop an ESG strategy that includes the analysis of all key ESG metrics against global standards  (i.e., SASB / VRF, GRI, TCFD) and identifies areas of growth to improve ESG performance

  • Map key ESG metrics to SASB, GRI, TCFD and other ESG global standards and frameworks 


Business Transformation

  • Utilize our proprietary diagnostics assessment screening tool to identify value creation opportunities and craft a detailed climate risk disclosure assessment in accordance with TCFD 

  • Launch new environmental and social initiatives (i.e., decarbonization and new product development, diversity and inclusion initiatives) and conduct a cost / benefit analysis on new product launches

  • Utilize our proprietary integrated climate strategy framework to calculate greenhouse gas emissions and develop science-based targets to achieve a credible net zero strategy that is audit - ready


Stakeholder Communication

  • Craft a message of sustainability with respect to integration with the overall business model

  • Develop a corporate social responsibility (CSR) report and website content that adheres to existing US / global frameworks and standards

  • Identify prospective investors within the ESG community that are aligned with the company's newly defined ESG program and strategy 

Overview of Our ESG Advisory Services: Investors

ESG Policies and Integration into the Investment Process

  • Develop a firmwide ESG policy that is consistent with the aspirational goals of the team / fund

  • Codify and integrate ESG principles into your investment process from idea generation through due diligence in accordance with any regulatory (SEC) disclosures and compliance requirements

  • Identify ESG themes that are emerging as industry growth drivers 


Idea Generation and Investor Due Diligence

  • Evaluate potential targets from an ESG lens, focusing on identifying material risks and opportunities 

  • Deliver a comprehensive due diligence report addressing all ESG risk factors and opportunities in accordance with global frameworks

  • Build a customized proprietary scoring mechanism based on ESG principles that could be utilized towards our your future portfolio screening and due diligence processes

ESG Roadmap and Portfolio Deep-Dive 

  • Develop an onboarding process for portfolio companies incorporating ESG frameworks

  • Develop relevant sustainability KPIs to measure progress against ongoing initiatives and report relevant disclosure metrics based on global standards and frameworks

  • Assess carbon footprint exposure with our proprietary integrated climate strategy framework

  • Utilize our proprietary impact framework and database library to develop impact metrics relevant to the fund and in line with ESG standards and frameworks 


External Communication and Reporting

  • Identify ways to communicate ESG policies to LPs including drafting a corporate social responsibility (CSR) report to provide more context around ESG integration into the investment processes

  • Craft a portfolio summary reporting tool  including developing and tracking key impact metrics as well as providing a holistic assessment of a portfolio's exposure to various risk parameters 

And you don't need to trust us....

just ask our corporate and investor clients....

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