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Upcoming Events:
April 22, 2022: Helping Clients Adopt Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Business Practices (hosted by Umbrex)
Recent Events:
March 28, 2022: Wall Street Green Summit
January 13, 2022: ESG 101 Webinar for Portfolio Managers in CPG (hosted by Jefferies)
January 13, 2022: Unleashed, Episode 470 (ESG Solutions) hosted by Umbrex. (Available on Apple Podcast and Spotify)
September 8, 2021: Women in Asset Management Summit: What does ESG and Impact Investing Actually Mean?
July 12, 2021: Tipping Points and the Transition to Net Zero (podcast)
July 1, 2021: Keynote Presentation: Stamping Assurance on ESG Promises.  Presentation at the ESG Conference hosted by the Institute of Internal Auditors, Malaysia
May 3, 2021: More Money and Meaning: ESG and your Personal Portfolio (podcast)
April 12, 2021: Leaders in VC and Angel Investing (podcast)
March 22, 2021: Creating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Venture Capital Firms and Family Offices
March 11, 2021: A Movement Too Important to Ignore: ESG Panel at the Loop Capital Consumer, Industrials and TMT Conference 
March 17 , 2021: Mount Sinai Innovation Partners: Fundraising Themes across the Healthcare Sector
January 14, 2021: SolarWinds Hack: The Global Cybersecurity Wake-up Call and Repercussions for Investing Trends across the Public and Private Markets
December 2, 2020: CNBC Investor Roundtable
November 7, 2020: ESG Trends across the Global Retail Landscape
November 5, 2020: Diversity and Innovation Panel 
October 16, 2020: National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI): ESG Panel
September 23, 2020: Facebook UN General Assembly Event: Business as a Catalyst for a Reimagined Global Economy
September 10, 2020: Women in Asset Management Summit Fireside Chat: ESG Compliance
August 19, 2020: ABC's of Raising Venture, hosted by XRC Labs
June 11, 2020: Harvard Alumni Angels Webinar: Investing with Impact: The Continuing Rise of ESG in a Post COVID-19 World
June 1, 2020: 100 Women in Finance ESG Webinar: US and Global Trends in ESG in View of COVID-19 and Climate Change

April 9, 2020: Status of the Current Retail Landscape: Thinking through Implications of COVID-19

April 7, 2020: No Kid Hungry Fundraiser: "Navigating through the Covid-19 Crisis"

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