About Us

Enzo Advisors is a results - driven boutique advisory firm focused on helping private and small- and mid-cap growth companies build best - in - class business models to grow sustainably over the long-term. 

Enzo Advisors helps companies across 4 distinct verticals: Strategy and Business Development; Financial Analysis / Scenario Planning; Investor Communications; and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration and analysis.

The company was founded to support companies early in their respective life cycles to build sustainable businesses for the long-term that create value for stakeholders and society overall, honing in on key ESG risks and opportunities that are material to the business.

Enzo Advisors utilizes a collaborative, outcomes-oriented approach, working as a strategic partner to businesses, helping entrepreneurs align their innovative visions with a compelling mission - orientation, while setting realistic milestones and developing concrete game plans to achieve near and long-term goals.


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