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Our Story

Taking an Innovative, Holistic Approach Across Sustainability

Over the past year and a half, the world practically came to a full stop. We were all addressing the depths of the global pandemic in our own ways, personally and professionally, coupled with the ongoing social unrest that kept tensions running high. 

As I noted in my CNBC interview back in August 2020, what stood out to me as the silver lining from this crisis was that it could also breed innovation.  New technologies and new business models can arise in helping the world build back better. I was truly inspired by the entrepreneurs I mentored over the years to have perseverance and drive towards their visions, working tirelessly to achieve their dreams and address unmet market needs. 

Enzo Advisors is one of those models - launched during the depths of COVID - and represents the next generation of business.  Enzo Advisors has a unique and proprietary approach towards ESG - taking a holistic view at sustainability, leveraging the most cutting edge research and technology to solve some of the world's greatest problems as well as embodying the next generation of leadership, making us a true trailblazer across sustainability. 

As a former portfolio manager who was particularly focused on small and mid-cap companies, as well as an early-stage private markets investor, I recognized the need to help companies build sustainable business models for the future, and the need to better understand and integrate ESG frameworks into their business construct.

The firm was built virtually, over the past year, during COVID, and therefore embodies not only a trailblazer approach towards sustainability but also towards future leadership.  Within the past year, during the depths of COVID, Enzo Advisors now manages clients with an aggregate market cap of over $140 billion and institutional clients with over $7 billion in assets under management.

Enzo Advisors is the only female- and minority-led global ESG advisory / sustainability consulting firm today led by a portfolio manager that takes a qualitative and quantitative approach leveraging research and technology from leading institutions around the world to help companies achieve sustainability across their entire value chain, recognizing that sustainability is core to developing a durable competitive advantage, and focus on driving immediate impact. 

We have built multiple proprietary frameworks in-house remotely as a team to help corporations and investors navigate through some of the greatest challenges our society faces today:


a) climate change implications and how to achieve net zero; 

b) the development of effective diversity and inclusion practices and how to measure impact.

Enzo Advisors has been referenced in numerous media and press publications including but not limited to: CNBC, ESG Today, ESG Clarity, Venture Capital Journal, and Women's Wear Daily.  The Founder has been a keynote speaker at multiple ESG-focused panels and events.

I am grateful to my family, friends, teammates and strategic partners who have believed in my vision since Day 1 and joined me on this journey. THANK YOU! 

It's time to expand your horizons. This is just the beginning of a decade of change.


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