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One-stop shop sustainability consultancy providing cutting edge ESG solutions 

Sustainability is the new reality.

As the world embarks on a decade of change to making progress against the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we at Enzo Advisors will help you build best-in-class sustainable business models well positioned for this next era.  



Enzo Advisors is the only female- and minority-owned pure-play global sustainability consulting firm that is:

Founded by a portfolio manager with  20+ years of experience as a strategic consultant, investment banker and investor and therefore, best positioned to guide you on how to bridge  corporate strategy and financial forecasting  with the integration of ESG principles across operations and communicate the message of sustainability to the investment community












Sustainability touches upon the core of a company's operations and is key to developing a durable competitive advantage for the long-term 

We view ESG integration as not only a risk management tool but a value creation driver over the long-term

A one-stop shop in sustainability consulting assisting  both public and private firms in varying stages in their ESG journeys:

  • Assess material ESG factors and opportunities against a proprietary diagnostic tool for individual companies or an entire portfolio as well as conduct a comprehensive materiality matrix assessment to evaluate company's strategic priorities on a relative scale

  • Conduct benchmarking analysis versus peers to find opportunities to improve sustainability across the value chain and work with agencies to improve external ratings 

  • Design a comprehensive ESG roadmap, incorporating proprietary analysis, mapping and reporting  of relevant metrics and key performance indicators per global standards and frameworks (i.e., SASB, GRI, TCFD)

    • ​Identify opportunities to improve overall ESG performance

  • Develop a cross-functional operational plan to incorporate sustainability across operations and assist with data collection and survey work

    • Review opportunities to drive sustainability across operations based on data collection for key metrics 

    • Set credible long-term targets (e.g., science-based targets) and develop strategic roadmaps and financial plans on how to reduce carbon emissions and achieve net zero utilizing our proprietary, audit-ready  integrated climate strategy framework

    • Conduct cost / benefit analysis around the introduction of new product technologies, particularly as it pertains to the reduction in carbon emissions

    • Run scenario analysis based on AI simulation modeling, in conjunction with our technology partners

  • Communicate the message of sustainability to investors and the broader stakeholder community including mapping to all reporting frameworks (i.e., SASB, GRI, TCFD)

  • Monitor progress against set KPIs to measure impact of the overall ESG strategy


For more detailed information regarding our services or to set up a brief consultation,  please include your email address below and someone on our team will be in touch.

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