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Our Strategic Partners: Building the Ecosystem 

Our strategic partners help us provide a more holistic and comprehensive solution for our corporate and institutional clients, from initial thought leadership to building transparency across every step of the the entire value chain, to establishing credible long-term targets which can help optimize financing and improve overall cost of capital based on progress against these goals. 

What aligns us as partners is our value proposition, based on a similar philosophy that ESG integration starts with consistent, efficient, transparent, and relevant reporting, which drives credibility to build long-term targets and better manage environmental and social risks.


MZ North America is the US division of MZ Group, a global leader in investor relations (IR) and corporate communications. MZ North America was founded in 1996 and provides full scale investor relations to both private and public companies across all industries.  MZ works with top management teams to support clients across IR Consulting & Outreach; IPO Advisory and SPAC IR; Public Relations; & ESG Advisory.  MZ North America has a global footprint with offices located in New York, Chicago, San Diego, Aliso Viejo, Austin, Minneapolis, Taipei and São Paulo.

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The 2° Investing Initiative (2DII) is an independent, non-profit think tank working to align financial markets and regulations with the Paris Agreement goals. Globally focused with offices in Paris, New York, Berlin, London, and Brussels, 2DII coordinates some of the world’s largest research projects on climate metrics in financial markets.  Their climate scenario analysis tool (PACTA) aims to help financial institutions, supervisors, and governments contribute to this objective by providing them with insights into the extent to which their portfolios are aligned – or misaligned – with the Paris Agreement goals.


Turnkey is an industry-recognized sustainability management software provider for corporates and investors to manage and monetize Environmental, Social and Governance factors in a live environment. The company work with customers globally to enable ESG as an input in supply chain design and strategic decision making. The software drives behavior beyond compliance and reporting, into productivity, EBITDA upside, company valuation and predictive modelling of sustainability and ESG.

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S.C.E. Partners is a boutique investment banking firm based out of San Francisco, CA. that provides financial advisory and capital markets services to semiconductors and the information technology (IT) sectors. S.C.E. typically serves public enterprises >$500M in enterprise value and private emerging issuers at all stages of development with uniquely adaptive corporate finance and capital markets solutions.  S.C.E. Partners combines the advisory and capital related capabilities of large investment banks with the client-driven personalized level of service of a boutique.

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